Meet Jane Albright

Gifted from birth, Jane Albright discovered that her ability to see human energy fields increased dramatically in her efforts to connect with her younger brother who died very unexpectedly. Soon afterward, Jane took formal training to enhance and expand her natural talents and work professionally as an energy reader and healer, specializing in Chakra Balancing and Aura Therapy. With over two decades of professional experiences, Jane witnessed thousands of clients and students globally which inspired her to develop her SUN-RAY-LAF Visual Training program. This unique training teaches you to read your own energy, navigate and create your own path through conscious engagement and accessible opportunities to prepare you for reaching your unique goals. Each training is highly specialized and as unique as each participant.

Much like a computer, the bioenergy field stores virtually limitless information about us, including patterns and choices we have made and are making. This information can be easily accessed by a trained therapist. By reading and working with your energy field, Jane brings to light issues that you are facing, helping you to gain deeper understanding and new awareness. The process allows you to move through limiting issues, break up patterns that no longer serve you, release old energy, and create profound healing for both spirit and body.  Jane is also a certified Reiki Master Teacher, Akashic Record Reader, The Bengston Healing Method™ Cycling Coach who helps individuals worldwide master this powerful modality, and she is currently honing her skills as a Medical Intuitive.

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