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Dating on the Astral

Dating on the Astral

February 10, 2021
6 – 7:30 PM CST

Have relationships been more combatible than compatible? Did you know that relationships are often pre-screened and selected on the astral before they potentially become your next love experience? Jane Albright will share the various pattern identifiers in yourself and your matches and what roles they play together so you can better own yourself and connect with others. Jane will also offer her insight and active visual tools to help you consciously discern your next love matches as she tunes into the ASTRAL DATING GAME for a few select volunteers. We will discuss incredible astral structure that is happening when it comes to co-creating relationships, old and current, and all of their gifts. This special awareness and opening to relationships will allow you to gain insight to the roles you and others play in love. Experience the empowerment and freedom in consciously choosing to break old patterns as well as help transform yourself for future partnerships. No matter where you are in your own love story, these tools will help catapult you to the next level.

Love Vortex

Creating Your Love Vortex

February 17, 2021
6 – 7:30 PM CST

Looking for love? Every stone unturned? Jane will guide you to CONSCIOUSLY build your own LOVE VORTEX–the intense energetic force to generate the magnetic space for love‘s gravitational pull to connect you positively to others.  When we create an energy vortex, we consciously let go of forcing our desires upon others, desperation and wasted efforts. Instead, we engage clear intentions, awareness, navigation and effortlessness. After your vortex is created, Jane will tune into a few select volunteers to witness your new ASTRAL MATCHES and the NEW versions of Love you are calling in. If you have been waiting for love, the Love Vortex will pull you out of the “waiting room” and help you evolve the dreams that love builds. If you have taken this class before or have been introduced to this tool in a session with Jane, this is an opportunity to go even deeper and further enhance the current strength of your vortex. Your new relationships will contain more and more of what YOU desire because you will have masterfully set the space for love to find you and for you to find love.

SUN Program by Jane Albright
RAY Program by Jane Albright
LAF Program by Jane Albright

SUN - RAY - LAF - Free LectureFREE!

February 22, 2021
6 – 8 PM CST

All Bright Yourself—Presents three cohesive programs for life change!


S.U.N. (Seeing Energy, Understanding Energy, Neutrality) 

R.A.Y. (Reprogramming, Anatomy Clearing, You-Universal) 

L.A.F. (Legacy, Alignment, FulFillment) 


Get the BIG PICTURE at the FREE LECTURE!!!  

What do you see? Do you see colors? What do they mean? Learn about the Power of a Picture when healing yourself and others. SUN, RAY, LAF–these three programs will shift you into a place to truly All Bright Yourself!! Jane Albright will guide you and expand your abilities to see energy safely and clearly no matter what level you are. The techniques in all levels will help you take charge of how to move yourself beyond who you are and place you in a glorious constant state of becoming who you choose. In this Free Lecture Jane will share details about the progression of these long-awaited, complimentary trainings. Every single technique has been integral to how Jane healed herself on a soul level, overcame her brother’s suicide and shifted her entire life to enrich and embolden all her life’s experiences and universal co-creations. The SUN, RAY, and LAF programs are the foundation for everything Jane has offered to her thousands of clients over the last two decades. These trainings will be further supported by FREE practice sessions via Zoom on a regular basis and may be incorporated to support Aura Therapist practice sessions, as well. Following the final level of the LAF Program there will be a route to Chakra Balancing certification offered.

Aura Therapy - Free Practice

Aura Therapy Student Mentoring and PracticeFREE!

February 23, 2021
6 – 8 PM CST

Exclusively for students who have taken Aura Therapy Practitioner Certification Training with Jane Albright.

Join us for our first ever online Aura Therapy mentoring and practice session. We will take this time to connect and share experiences, as well as discuss various options available to this practice even during Covid-19. Don’t miss this opportunity to boost both your current practice and improve your skills and confidence as a practitioner during these unprecedented times.

Chakra Pump-Up

March 3, 2022
6 – 7 PM CST

In this power-packed one-hour class, chakra therapist Jane Albright will guide you through active meditations to focus intensely on one main chakra – a different chakra every class. When one area of your energy gets “pumped up,” it creates a positive ripple outward to the rest of the chakras and subtle body. Old patterns that no longer serve will make way for the new flow of energy you are creating. You will learn practical open-eye techniques to clear and shift your energy immediately, even during a conversation or a business meeting!

All Hands on Decks!Oracle Card Reading Extravaganza

March 24, 2022
6 – 8 PM CST

Bring your top one or two favorite oracle card decks from your own personal collection (ok, maybe 3, so hard to choose!).  Jane Albright will guide and coordinate the group as we combine our best oracle card decks with our most intuitive selves to shed light on various chosen topics that we determine together. You can read for yourself or you can read for each other. As we share our findings, Jane will further guide any necessary clearings and provide supportive enhancements for individuals and the group. Let’s use our collective intentional oracle decks to inspire a group enlightenment while having a ton of fun engaging and celebrating wisdom! Look forward to playing! 


Bengston Energy Method MentoringFREE!

March 30, 2022
6 – 8 PM CST

Pre-requisite: Completion of Bengston Method of Energy Healing workshop with William Bengston, PhD., for Bengston students only.

Now that Bill Bengston has trained you in his scientifically proven healing modality, Bengston Method Cycling Coach, Jane Albright, will share valuable information that can help you continue to improve your own capabilities.
In this free lecture, Jane Albright, will share her global experiences of helping hundreds of clients and students hone the emotional charge of their cycling lists, avoid pitfalls, and identify amazing shifts. Jane will further check in with you to make sure you are hyper-cycling.

Don’t miss this free opportunity to learn more and become more deeply anchor your abilities into your Bengston Method training. Jane will answer questions you may have and help boost you to a higher level of confidence and skill in using this modality.

Bed or Roses

Bed of Roses Meditation

April 14, 2022
6 – 7:30 PM CST

No matter where you are in your life, your day, your emotional well-being, step into a new comfort zone and experience deep muscle relaxation techniques, coupled with an energetic Bed of Roses for a clearer, protected dream space and better astral connections. Learn how to wake up feeling more rested, energized, focused and inspired from receiving answers from your subconscious. Jane Albright will guide you through a pre-sleep meditation pattern while lying on a yoga mat for this session.

Future Classes

Aura Therapy - Level Two

Aura Therapy: Level TwoHealing Guides and Body Systems Healing

Pre-requisite: Level One Aura Therapy Practitioner Training.

This level greatly expands the Level One foundation by engaging and using your assigned healing guides, who will assist you as you bring universal energy through to the subtle body’s channels and chakras. You will learn how to work with your guides to direct healing energy to the digestive, respiratory, circulatory, nervous, reproductive, endocrine and lymphatic systems. You will also learn how to implement cellular healings, and how to offer original essence re-initiation. The guides who you connect with are fully trained, respectful of boundaries, and available to you to clear and re-calibrate your aura when called upon. We will have periodic healing guide updates available, if you would like to refresh your guides and work with a new one. Level Two therapy is wonderful for animals and plants as well as people, and will further enhance your tactile energy experience as well as your current visual practice of reading energy.

Certificate of Completion is awarded at the end of this class, full Practitioner Certification is awarded upon the completion of all three levels of training.

Pre-registration is required. Class will be rescheduled if the minimum of 4 students is not met.


A World Away

When we work with energy frequencies, we can travel at the speed of light. Energy can reach the farthest corners of the planet in an instant unconsciously and in just under two seconds consciously.  Jane Albright will guide you into a very protected healing space. You will learn how to connect with Cosmic force Energy and then travel it’s path to destinations where it can support people, places or situations. Where will it take you? Let’s put on our Light Worker gloves and find out.  Bring your beautiful spirits and together we will weave a healing tapestry for those who need it the most.

Aura Therapy - Level One

Aura Therapy: Level OneGrounding, Protecting and Healing Aura Layers

This is the first of three Levels of training for becoming a certified Aura Therapist. The aura is the protective energetic field that surrounds the physical body. A healthy aura is constantly flowing, vibrating, expanding and contracting, and is comprised of vibrant colors.  Aura Therapy is a healing technique that treats this vital energy field. When there are dull aura colors and slow movement or gaps and other inconsistencies in the aura field, these situations can reveal emotional and psychological issues and patterns of physical disease.  Aura Therapy emphasizes maneuvering the aura energy into a positive balance. Jane Albright will guide you in techniques for grounding and protecting your own healing space and aura. You will learn how to ground others while they receive Aura Therapy treatment. She will lead you through multiple exercises to heighten and enhance your hand chakra sensory awareness and engagement.  You will become exponentially aware of every aura layer, the textures, tendencies and significant anomalies associated with blocks and imbalances. You will learn to map irregularities in the aura, information that is extremely beneficial when working through disease or large-scale healing patterns. The Aura Therapy technique is highly interactive, which propels your visual consciousness of this highly protective and important energy field.   Participation in this class will grant free access to all future Aura Therapy shares.  Participation in one to three Chakra Pump Up classes is highly recommended but not required for this training.

Certificate of Completion is awarded at the end of this class, full Practitioner Certification is awarded upon the completion of all three levels of training.

Pre-registration is required. Class will be rescheduled if the minimum of 4 students is not met.


Aura Therapy - Level Three

Aura Therapy: Level ThreeRemote Therapy, Clearing and Owning

Pre-requisite: Level One and Two Aura Therapy Practitioner Training.

This final level addresses any Level Two integration issues. Students will practice the full Aura Therapy technique while Jane Albright witnesses and runs energy checks on each person as they are healing and receiving to ensure proper energetic balances and learned healing structures and connections are maintained.  In Level Three you will learn how to neutrally connect with a healee and how to perform remote or long distance Aura Therapy on another person who is outside of the classroom. This technique works incredibly well and can provide profound insight when working with someone who is very ill or someone who is out of reach.  You will also learn how to safely disconnect from a healee and clear your energy field after working on someone remotely and how to fully separate out from another person’s energetic imprints, re-own your energetic space and enjoy your own more personally calibrated aura field.

Full Practitioner Certification is awarded upon the completion of all three levels of training. and you may now offer this therapy to others.


The Ancient Fathers Collective

In honor of the masculine divine, Jane Albright will tune into the wisdom of the Ancient Fathers for volunteers and bring forward their direct messages to reveal the nature of your past relationships and what you can do to empower your life with movement and verve, to get things done and be a stronger participant in your life.  All of our most positive fathers are cheering us onward, yelling for our team, holding space for the long roads that we travel and energetically carrying us on their shoulders to our future destinations. When called upon, they are the forces that help us see farther, focus harder, strive ahead with greater endurance and know-how. Those moments when we find ourselves with more wind under our wings are the moments when all of our most amazing and positive dads are sending us love and support. Full unstoppable support. Come learn about your most positive and wise Ancient Fathers and connect with this powerhouse of resourcefulness and energy.

Ancient Mothers Collective

The Ancient Mothers Collective

In honor of the Divine Feminine, Jane Albright will tune into the wisdom of the Ancient Mothers for class volunteers and bring forward their direct messages to reveal the nature of past relationships and advice for creating more in your life. Yes, all of our amazing mothers are still embracing us with their unconditional love and guidance!  They are showing up at this time to help us, their children, expand as they see us now through Universal Eyes, which are vast with vision and see the true courageousness of our large spirits. They aren’t just playing “mommy” anymore. They come with powerful universal support and guidance. Please join in and rediscover your ancient connections.

Comfort Café

Through these uniquely challenging times of isolation we can still claim and maintain our human connections and remind ourselves of our own beautiful journey. Join Jane Albright as she entices you into some emotional conversations about the world today that will definitely stir the pot. When we are grounded and we allow ourselves to feel our true emotions and where they harbor in our physical and energetic bodies, we can bring various stresses and dramas to the surface where we will collectively blow away the hot steam and re-discover the delicious essence that is in each of us. Cup of coffee or steamy bowl of soup optional.

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  • All Bright Yourself – Level One, Two, Three
  • All Bright Each Other – Level One, Two, Three
  • All Hands of Decks
  • Aura Therapy Practitioner Training Level One, Two, Three
  • A World Away
  • Ancient Mothers Collective
  • Ancient Fathers Collective
  • Bed of Roses
  • Chakra PumpUp
  • Comfort Café
  • Past Lives All Day Healing Intensive
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