So, you are panicked. As I have helped hundreds of people through thousands of situations, I realized that often we need help at odd hours of the day. I wanted to create something that could be helpful during the wee hours and non-business hours. I recall when I was grieving the loss of my brother I had extreme anxiety and PTSD. I realized that hearing a calm guiding voice was helpful and having options for help available was of high importance. So whether you are handling a heartbreak, a loss, stress, trauma, nightmares, thoughts of escaping life, … please see some options below and find the ones that you are most drawn to or that seem to be the most instantaneously helpful and supportive.

Please remember in the depths of your soul that You are loved and supported by me and I am sure by more people than you may realize. Feel free to continue reading and click on something below. To your many future blissings!

Original Essence Reboot

An introduction to Jane Albright, and a guided meditation to reboot your Original Essence.



Heartbreak Hotel

How to pay the bill and move into your new heart’s home.

Flash Dance

Various ways to calm and clear the flash backs of traumatic memories and create safety for yourself and your home.

Stressin' is Messin' with Me

How to create a larger understanding around current situations and create a plan to move forward with greater control and calm.

Loss and Connection Meditations

Ancient Mothers

A special message from one of Jane’s ancient mothers. Enjoy!



Ancient Fathers

Some of the ancient mothers and fathers often come through to remind us of a feeling or a state of being that they want us to remember and have whenever we need it. This moment that I am about to share is from one of my own ancient fathers who always wants me to remember a moment when I fully owned myself and believed in my strength on all levels. I hope it propels you in a positive direction.



Thoughts of Escaping Life

If needed, please call suicide hotline listed here before going any further. They have lovely people who are trained to help you instantaneously.

If you are in a deep despair or dark funk, here is an active visual meditation full of tools to help you learn how to always get out of the dark pit and shift your life more and more each day to where you would rather be. Be patient with yourself. Be kind to yourself.

suicide prevention lifeline